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Yardna are a family run business based in West Ealing, London. Pre-dominantly they are known for their trading of pre-owned luxury goods.

Prior to our work, Yardna’s online presence was inhibiting them from reaching their goals. Yardna’s outdated website was also affecting their advertising results. A mixture of older stock imagery and prose text meant that the business was falling behind online.

Their owner came to our team here at Individual Marketing Solutions and explained that trust was a big issue for his brand. The luxury pre-owned goods market since the integration of his original website had become a lot busier and in turn, the competition was higher.

Immediately our team decided to split the pages and provide information relevant to these. Their previous site prevented their clients from understanding the process and enquiring correctly, this, in turn, had an effect on the advertising. The data also proved this theory as the bounce-rate increased and the conversion rate dropped. The quality score was then affected. This previous advertising data, therefore, told us that the impact on quality had then a further impact upon the expenditure on google advertising. By splitting the pages for jewellery, gold, diamonds and luxury watches, we could now also create specific campaigns for the different parts of the brand.

We are now more reliant than ever on technology and the online world to make purchases. Trust is everything! It was important to ensure all customers could trust the brand online. Therefore we incorporated an FAQ section that helps manage the enquiries more effectively.

Finally, we are ready for launch. The site now incorporates all of the relevant information and encourages users to enquire. The relevancy had a huge effect on their cost-per-click and therefore has also resulted in a reduction in marketing spend to achieve better results.

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