Our Individual Websites
Where Your Website Becomes - Individual

Our websites are designed to capture your specific needs, which means that they are bespoke and tailored to your business and your brands. They are designed to capture your target audience and resonate with them, forcing them to take action. This ensures that your website does exactly what it is supposed to do. We work closely with each client by following a methodical approach that’s designed to deliver individual websites that take your business to the next level.

Our Process
Initial Consultation

Every idea requires a starting point and the initial meeting is an integral part of the process. Our team works closely with you and spends time getting to understand your exact requirements. We cover every detail, making suggestions and developing your idea into something that resembles more of a reality. We also create a design specification that considers your colours, branding and your tone. We don’t stop there because we then consider functionality and performance, covering elements such as online booking systems, chat features and more.

We then discuss with you, to ensure that we have captured your requirements perfectly, ensuring we deliver a website that’s perfect.

Design Version

Our design specification document enables us to streamline the design phase, ensuring it is slick and efficient. Our team of highly skilled and qualified excerpts will create a mock-up and this will enable you to visualise your website and view the layout prior to building the final version. During this stage, we will consider your feedback and implement any amendments that are required. Our goal is to bring your vision to life and this is where that begins to happen.

Functional Version

At this stage, we are now ready to implement the required functionality. The other pages are built out by our team members which will include all the different functions. As our creation team makes progress, our design team will work on the content and copy, bringing your images and wording to life. Once this stage is complete, we are ready to unveil your website.

Review Stage

The review stage is crucial, so we make sure we take a detailed approach by testing functionality before implementing any necessary changes as requested from the client. All feedback is welcomed because without it, your website would not be unique. All of the alterations and changes are made, ensuring you’re bespoke website is delivered with precision.