Fast Food on Mobile Phone

Junk-Food marketing famine

The Restrictions facing the junk-food industry

“Junk” food adverts are usually finger-licking good. Adverts have graced our screen for many decades now promoting various “unhealthy” products. However, the UK population’s weight has risen since the early 1990s, with more than 60% of the adult population now overweight or obese {Credit to NHS Digital and the Guardian}.

In 2022, “junk” food adverts will be banned on our TVs before 9 pm. Following on from this, the UK government also proposed plans to restrict online advertising in an attempt to tackle the obesity crisis. These restrictions were expected to affect items that have too much sugar, fat and/or salt. This includes Facebook Ads and Google Ads.

These plans have been argued against. Due to the complex tools which allow targeting restrictions, it is believed that these plans could be altered. Currently, online advertising is allowed if promoting the brand as opposed to the products themselves, therefore do not expect the golden arches to disappear anytime soon.