Bespoke Goldsmith Needs A Website More Bespoke

Bespoke Goldsmith

Bespoke Goldsmith specialises in making your jewellery unique. They wanted to ensure customers could see their luxurious nature and previous work. The owner sat down with our Individual Website team to discuss their options.

The aim was to present them as specialists whilst also keeping the added touches which included polaroid images. Getting an engagement ring is a special moment for many and in a world of mass production, Bespoke Goldsmith wanted to inform people that there is another option – Bespoke Jewellery. Moreover, pricing for a bespoke piece is not dissimilar to a mass-produced item due to the brand’s fees.

We developed a working site with zero downtime for the team at Bespoke Goldsmith to review. Once the team had reviewed this, it was time to put the finishing touches on their new website. Finally, it’s time for the installation with as little downtime as possible, we ensured we completed the transition at a quiet time for their current online traffic. The website required some additional elements including a calendar function and chat feature upon implementation. We were live!

It was time to discuss Individual Marketing!